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PHI 600 Series Auger PHI XPS/AES System, Vacuum Suitcase

PHI 600 Series Auger PHI XPS/AES System

Designed for the PHI XPS/AES system, this "vacuum suitcase" could be configured for a wide range of other process chambers. On the PHI system, it attaches to the existing loadlock chamber in place of the standard 'cap'. This vacuum suitcase consists of a valve, small chamber with a viewport and short manipulator. To operate, with the vacuum suitcase installed and the loadlock/suitcase pumped down, the sample puck is withdrawn into the loadlock after analysis as usual. The manipulator on the suitcase is then lowered to engage the sample puck and lift the puck above the suitcase valve. Close the valve and the puck is under vacuum. Once the loadlock is backfilled, the suitcase can be removed and taken to another instrument with the same loadlock 'cap' or the puck can be stored under vacuum. For longer term storage, a small holding pump could be added to the chamber to maintain vacuum.