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Three NREL Transfer Stations

Three NREL Transfer Stations

NREL Transfer Stations: Three UHV compatible "transfer stations" each interfacing to a different surface science instrument and also transferring to the portable POD were developed for the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). Each station has an elevator with cassette to accept six unique NREL 7" x 7" sample platens and position each level of the cassette at points where transfers on and off of the elevator can occur. Each station has it's own loadlock for introduction of single platens as necessary. Two of the stations have sample 'flip" capability. This “flipping” capability allows the surface of a sample to be created/analyzed face up or face down. These systems have pneumatic gate valves and the opening and closing interlocks through gauges with settable pressure points.

These systems have NRELs standardized interface for acceptance of the portable POD and safety interlocking for the vacuum system of the transfer station and interstitial region between the transfer station and POD. The transfers occur at a facility standardized level of 1100 mm off the floor. One station is interfaced to a SEM, another interfaces to an XPS system, and the third interfaces to an AFM.