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Magnetic DBLRX

Common UHV and high-vacuum applications for the DBROM include activating shutters, rotating sample carriers, driving gimbal mechanisms, selecting targets and rotating wafers.

Precision Magnetic Manipulator (PMM) with Rotary-Only Motion

Rotary-Only Precision Magnetic Manipulators are a versatile and reliable method of introducing rotary motion into a sealed chamber. The Model DBROM handles a high breakaway torque and a tight angular compliance and are bakeable to 250°C. User-specified choices include the size and number of shafts; choice of shaft material; length of shaft; choice of hollow or solid shaft; and end details such as flats, threads, etc. making these units fit a wide range of needs.

Rotary-Only Model DBROP is available with polymer bushings in the magnet carriage riding on the outer tube (outside of vacuum) and are used for simple, manual rotation applications. Model DBROM are typically motor driven and has steel bearings in the magnet carriage.

The innovative design of these Rotary-Only PMMs incorporate all welded stainless steel tubing to avoid wear-related leaks, outgassing of residual oils and burping as well as provide an extremely reliable vacuum and gas seal.


Flange, outer tube and square shaft 304ss
Actuator Housing Anodized Aluminum
Vacuum Range 1x10-11 Torr
Linear Decoupling 12 in-lbs.
Rotary Torque 12 in-lbs*
Rotary Compliance 2 degrees/in-lb*
Mounting 2.75" CF
Bake Temperature 250ƒ C carriage removed
* Not applicable for DBLOP/DBLOM
Specifications subject to change without notice.



Rotary-Only Model DBROP Magnetic Manipulator PMM
DBROP Precision Magnetic Manipulator Diagram
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